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Multi-Utility Connections

Our MU offering makes it easy to coordinate mains laying and services connections, ensuring utilities are installed on time when required.

It all starts with you, our customers.  We recognise you have a choice as to who you do business with but we believe our multi-utility approach provides an enhanced experience compared to other providers.  We know we can make a difference, removing the headaches involved in co-ordinating single utility connections with multiple parties.  Our streamlined approach makes doing business easier and more importantly reduces cost and time. Unlike most utility providers, we are experienced in delivering dual fuel connections for all sectors, from residential to commercial developments, allowing a greater range of developers to benefit from the efficiencies of a combined gas and electricity connections. Our NERS, WIRS and GIRS accreditation along with our in-house expertise, enable us to undertake a full installation service.

Connect It recognise there are risks attached to the work we do.  We manage these by ensuring operatives are competent in their daily work and by providing training and support.  We utilise clients and our own procedures to manage how we carry out that work. Also including our customers’ additional requirements.  It is extremely important that our procedures are followed and our teams out in the field are fully aware of these requirements.

To support our teams on site and manage our business operations we use our Boris system, we can communicate effectively and instantaneously with our operators using a mobile device. This allows us to take photographic evidence of works carried out so we can monitor the quality of our work remotely via our very own application. The Connect It teams are experienced in delivering multi-utility connections for residential and commercial developments which allow our customers to benefit not only from a co-ordinated planning and delivery service but also time and cost efficiencies. Our NERS, WIRS and GIRS accreditation confirms the confidence that Lloyds Register has observed in our working. This coupled with our years of in-house experience means that we are able to apply our skills and experience to all projects.


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