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Electricity Connections

We offer commercial and multiple street light connections, working on private networks and adoptable highways.

Our Electric Service

We offer a full turn-key experience for EV suppliers on our charger point solutions.

We have more than 15 years’ experience in planning and delivering electrical projects for developers and larger DNO (Distribution Network Operators ie SSE).  As a fully approved member of the Lloyds Electricity Industry Registration Scheme (NERS), we can facilitate and undertake any electrical infrastructure you may require. We’ve coordinated installations and services resulting in effective relationships being built across the utility network.  This allows us to offer a range of services, a number of which are listed below:

  • Cable laying (LV/11Kv and EHV33Kv)
  • Civil works
  • Jointing (LV Dead/LV Live/11Kv and EHV Dead/Live 33Kv)
  • Substation installation and commissioning
  • Substation removal and decommissioning
  • Service disconnection and removals
  • Cable diversions
  • Power Cable Installations
  • Provision, installation and/or disconnection of meters
  • Increase or decrease of supply
  • Upgrade of supply
  • Site investigations and evaluations
  • Temporary building supply
  • Tailored contracts to suit contractors, developers and the end user
  • Project Management of Electricity Schemes

To extended our offering to

you, we have introduced

the installation of charging

units for electric vehicles.

We saw the increase in demand

and felt it was important to

equip ourselves for the future.

Electric Charging Solutions

Leading the push to move electric we have introduced electric charging solutions. The exciting development in electric vehicles has caused a massive increase on the amount of electric cars on the road that created demand for electrical charging units.

To enable us to keep ahead of our competitors we endeavoured to apply ourselves to this new type of electric source.