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Our investment in technology to enhance the service we provide.

Boris management system allows us to view live data as it is entered, including photographic evidence and data forms. It provides timely support where this is needed as well holding information which must be easily accessible. The tool has become fundamental in our way of working as we are all able to share information whether on-site or in the office. We use our Boris system to support our teams on site and manage our business operations, we communicate effectively and instantaneously with our operators via a mobile device allowing us to create evidence of works carried out. This makes monitoring the quality of our work remotely very conveniently accessible so we can reassure you our work has been conducted to a high standard.

Another way this system is used is for our stores is stock control. Our jointing teams are provided with tools which are issued by our stores. In preparation for pickup or delivery, we use Boris to initial a form to be sent to the stores team who receive the information and then select the tools required. This enables teams to pick up the tools quickly so they are prepared for the job at hand. Not only is this an efficient way to collect and drop off equipment but we are also able to keep track of what has been issued and who it has been issued to just incase it is needed elsewhere.


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